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Thanking God from A to Z

Recently I went to Duke Cancer Center for my quarterly MRI and CT scan. Even after 5 years, it can cause anxiety. On this day, I felt good and grateful, and scanticipated :) a good report.

Lying on my back on the MRI bench, I waited as the technicians fastened me into position. As the scans started buzzing, beeping, and knocking, the Spirit led me to thank God for everything from A to Z.

I had to be still and not move, even my mouth. I thanked God in my mind, starting with A. Several times a few things came quickly to mind. Sometimes the first thing wasn't the most important. Here is a play by play recap of my A to Z prayer in the MRI.


Boats. Bananas. Bible.

Children. My Marcie, Hannah, and Caleb

David. I am thankful for myself.

Eating. Food is good.

Family and friends

God. Above all I'm thankful for you.


IVs. Ice pellets. I love those. Infusions of cancer medications


Kites. Haven't flown one in years, but still love them.


Mom and dad.


Oncologist, Dr. Crawford.

Pizza. Prayer (probably more important!)

Quiet time.

Research. Resulting medication. Radiation. Breakthroughs.

Study. The Biblical commentary on revelation that I finished..

Time. Time with God, family, friends. Time at the beach, up to the mountains. Time to e see my kids grow up

Universe. All you have created, God. Umbrellas, even though I forget to bring one with me.

Violin. Violas. Victory over cancer! Victory in Jesus. Victory not just over death but through death by the blood of the Lamb

Work. The chance to contribute, the people I have worked with.

X-rays. Especially the one that found the golf ball sized tumor in my lung.


You, God! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. How could I ever thank you enough?

Zeal. The fire and passion I have for God. Zebras, too. And zippers, except when I forget.

As I finished, I sang in my mind and heart the Doxology.

Praise god from whom All blessings flow.

Praise him all creatures here below.

Praise him above the heavenly host.

Praise father son and the holy ghost.

As I tried to remember the words to Matt Redman's song,"10,000 reasons, my MRI ended. Praising God had occupied all of my time. It replaced any anxiety I might have felt and replaced it with peace, joy, and gratitude.

Whether you are getting an MRI, waiting for something or someone, lying sleepless in bed, stressed out, or just feel grateful, try thanking God from A to Z!

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV).

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1 Comment

I 💕 the A to Z you accentuated on the Positive and when you knew it the scann was done. You forgot about yourself and concentrated on JESUS oh how marvelous the Lord is!!!!! The great things he do to help his children along in the midst of adversities. Thank you for sharing, it made a difference in my life.

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