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    God used everything, and I mean everything, for my good and his glory. God used each appointment and procedure, the billing and the bandages, every experience related to my cancer, even the collateral damage.
                                            - How Cancer Cured Me

Like most people, when diagnosed with cancer, David only wanted physical healing. God had bigger plans and used David’s cancer experience to heal many areas of brokenness in his life. By the time of his first cancer-free report, two years later, his life had been radically transformed.


In How Cancer Cured Me, David Gira, seasoned pastor and cancer survivor, shares fifteen ways God used his cancer experience, with all its challenges, to heal his life including ultimately providing physical healing. The topics range from becoming more courageous to finding his get-up-and-go. David also writes about the ways God used the cancer journey to positively impact his most important relationships.


With refreshing honesty and humor, David tells his cancer story, shares inspiring stories of other cancer patients, and reflects on relevant Scripture.


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How Cancer Cured Me

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David Gira wants rightly to live but he knows that requires an account of what it means to live right. To live right requires honest candor. That is what he has given us in this book. Pain is here but then also is laughter. You can give this book to others.

     - Stanley Hauerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor Emeritus of Divinity and Law, Duke Divinity School

I am thankful that David wrote this book. David trusts God and his readers, sharing his story with transparency, humility, clarity and strength. I commend to you this healing conversation about fear and courage, doubt and faith, dread and delight - universal human experiences binding us to one another and to God.

    - Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, North Carolina Conference

 United Methodist Church

David Gira shows how to be sick like a Christian. Only David’s robust, vibrant Christian faith explains how his cancer was transformed into an experience of learning, transformation, and even healing. This book will expand your notions of what it means to be healed and will show you how to endure even the most painful and trying times like a Christian.

     -Will Willimon, United Methodist Bishop,  retired, Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry, author of Who Lynched Willie Earle? Preaching to Confront Racism.

What happens when you have given your life to healing others, and now it’s you who need healing? Pastor Gira provides us with very personal, honest, and often humorous insights into living with cancer as a patient and as a survivor. With the support of his loving family, friends and church community, David uses his faith to transform his doubts and fears into courage, strength and joy. This beautifully written book has life lessons for us all.

     -Jeffrey Crawford MD, Duke Cancer Institute

“Pastor Gira vividly illustrates how an unexpected and terrifying cancer diagnosis becomes a personal refiner’s fire and catalyst for developing Christ-like attributes. His journey highlights how basic gospel principles such as faith, hope, grace, and forgiveness can help anybody endure and overcome the universal trials of life.”

      - Dr. Christopher R. Kelsey, M.D.

        Radiation Oncologist, Duke Cancer Clinic

David Gira has written one of the most honest and inspiring books about himself, his marriage, and his ministry I've ever read. I rank it with Kate Bowler's EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON and Paul Kalanithi's WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR for its moving first-person narration of dealing with a life-threatening illness, and it also stands with Rick Lischer's STATIONS OF THE HEART written by a father about his son's powerful, faithful facing of his death by cancer. Having known David and his parents as their pastor, then watching David grow into a highly effective and beloved pastor himself over the past 20 years, it gives me confidence that God is still very much at work in calling and equipping new leaders for Christ's church.

     - Rev. Dr. Charles Michael Smith

     Former Pastor, District Superintendent, Director Connectional Ministries in the NCCUMC (=43 years of ministry), followed by 4 years as Pastor/Church Leader-in-Residence at Duke Divinity School


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How Cancer Cured Me

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