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Turn Your Bandages into Superhero Cuffs Filled with the Power of Christ!

As a cancer patient, after every blood draw and IV, your arm will be wrapped with a 2” wide blue sticky tape to hold the little white cotton ball in place. For the next few hours, the bandage will remaine as a visual reminder of the pain of being poked and of having cancer. Bandages can make you feel sad and weak, but with the power of Christ in us, they can also be a symbol of strength.

I’ll never forget being prepped for one MRI. It took 5 attempts to start the IV required for the MRI. Plus I got stuck one more time to get my blood drawn for lab work. Because of the delay, I didn't get to see my oncologist that day and get my test results. I drove home with my hands on the steering wheel and my arms wrapped in blue.

Months later at another quarterly check in, I sat in the football field sized atrium at the Duke Cancer clinic. As I scanned the area, watching people going to and fro, I noticed among them many other blue banded arms like my own.

My fellow cancered ones I thought. Together I imagined us as part of a special alliance, soldiers in battle together. I found strength in our common bond.

At my doctor’s appointment, as I sat on the examination table, I looked at the bandage on my arm and the bracelette around the other and imagined them to be the cool cuffs warn by Superman, Mr. Incredible, Wonder Woman or one of the other superheroes. For them, their band/cuff represented their superhuman strength.

In that moment, looking at the blue bandages, I was reminded of the superhuman strength working in me, the power of God. I recalled one of my favorite verses - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13, NKJV.). I felt his power surge within me, and I believed the power of Christ in me would defeat cancer.

Ever since that day, the bandages have remained for me a sign of strength. Throughout my cancer journey, God faithfully provided the strength I needed to survive and thrive.

At your next doctor's appointment, as the nurse wraps the blue band around your arm, remember the superhero's power cuff, a sign of God's strength in your life. Claim Christ's power in your life!

Take a favorite Bible verse with you about God's strength or take one of the following. When you receive your blue band, speak His words over yourself and believe. Let your bandages be a reminder of God's strength in you.

  • My power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9, NIV.

Question: Do you have a bandaid story to share? Where do you find solidarity and strength? What role does your faith play and do you have a favorite Bible verse?

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