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Life May Never Be The Same, But it Can Be Good; Even Glorious!

At times, you may feel like life will never be as a good as it once was. After all you’ve been through and all you’ve lost, you may feel sure your best days are behind you. While your life may never be the same, it can still be good, and more glorious than you ever imagined.

I used to be a pastor of a big church - preaching, teaching, caring, and leading. It was challenging, but I loved it. God called me to it. Duke Seminary equipped me. The churches affirmed me. Faithful friends sustained me. With eighteen years of experience under my vestments, I knew how to do my job and did it well.

Then came cancer. Now I’m on disability. Now I’m a survivor, getting scanned quarterly, grateful there’s no evidence of disease. I’m an author, having written a book about my cancer experience, now learning to be my own publicist. I am writing gospel messages to the cancer community. I am still a pastor, but I am waiting for my new ministry to be fully revealed.

Now, there are many blessings - more time with my family, personal and spiritual growth. God’s powerful works on display. I give thanks for all I’ve gained, even as I grieve what I’ve lost. God has worked all things together for my good (Romans 8:28). Life is good, but sometimes I wonder if it will ever be as good.

The book of Haggai records the historic work of rebuilding the Temple, God’s house and the place where his people worship him. The first Temple, “the former house”, was destroyed in war seventy years earlier. Now, seventy years later, as the second Temple is underway, many of the older members weep because the glory of the “present house” falls far short of the glory of the “former house.”

In that moment, God spoke through the prophet Haggai to this community of faith in their time of transition, proclaiming to them. "The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house… And in this place, I will grant peace”’ (Haggai 2:3–5, NIV).

Glory is beauty and majesty, sacredness, and significance.

With God’s help, the second Temple was completed; and even more glorious. That was 2,500 years ago, I hear God speaking these words to us today.

Your “present house” – your new life, work, reality, relationships, and everything that means - will exceed the glory of your “former house.” It wasn’t the same temple, and your life will never be exactly as it was. But it can be more glorious.

With faith in Jesus, the King of Glory, and his Spirit living in you, you will continue to become like him and more glorious than ever (2 Cor 3:18). You are a Temple of the Holy Spirit. You have the promise of eternal life. When this life is over, you will go on to the greatest glory to the heavenly mansion Jesus prepared for you in your resurrection body.

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Something to consider: Counting your blessings can help you see the good God and glory God has, is, and will continue to accomplish in your life. Pray and worship. Treasure pressure memories and imagine God's plans and hopes for your future.

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