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Pillow Talk - Five Pillows in The Bible & Their Comforting Message

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Being a cancer patient can be a hard and painful. You'll need a lot of comfort, care and faith. You may lean on and appreciate caregivers and pillows more than ever. Each pillow can also become a reminder of God's presence and loving care.

I learned about the importance of pillows early on in my cancer journey. Around the time of my diagnosis, I woke up in the middle of the night in the most excutiating pain of my life. My wife, Amy, woke up and leapt out of the bed and came to my rescue.

Her nursing training kicked in, and she gathered several pillows. As she helped me lay back down, she fluffed, patted, and positioned each pillow stragetically - behind my back and head, under my knees and arms. Finally, she pulled the blanket up to my chin, kissed me on my forehead, and the pain was gone.

I will never forget that night or look at a pillow the same again! While I used to wonder why we had so many in our home, I now gladly see each as a messenger of mercy.

Here are five Bible stories containing a pillow. These are the only mentions I found. Each one centers around the loving action of God.

1- In Genesis 28, Jacob used a rock for a pillow. That night he had a dream in which he saw a ladder from earth to heaven ("Jacob's ladder") with angels going up and down and God blessing him. In the morning, he turned his rock pillow on its side, annointed it with oil, and named the place "Bethel" (the House of God).

2- 1 Samuel 19, David's wife, Michael, makes a pillow of goat hair, puts it in their bed, and pulls the blankets up over in an attempt to give king Saul's men the illusion that he's asleep. David knows Sual wants to kill him. Michael's ploy buys him a little time to escape and run for his life.

3 - In 1 Samuel 26, Saul, in pursuit of David, is in a foxhole deep in sleep with his spear beside his pillow. David sneaks in, takes his spear, goes back to his hiding place, and calls out, waking Saul up from afar and taunting him. Though he could have killed Saul, he chose not to in obedience to God.

4 - Psalm 6. The poet is hurting and crying out to God in the night for the healing of his body and soul. He buries his head into his pillow and he cries out for mercy. As he does, he recevies assurance that God will deliver him.

I am weary from my groaning;with my tears I dampen my pillowand drench my bed every night. Psalm 6:6, HCSB, AM

5 - The gospel recounts Jesus and the disciples getting stuck on a boat in a furotious storm. The disciples are freeked out. They look for Jesus and find him asleep on a pillow. He asks them why they are such cowards, scolds them for having so little faith, and then calms the storm.

A huge storm came up. Waves poured into the boat, threatening to sink it. And Jesus was in the stern, head on a pillow, sleeping! - ‭‭Mark‬ ‭4:35-41 MSG‬‬

Try seeing each pillow you encounter in your cancer journey - at home, at the hospital, on the couch, or wherever you may be - as a message of mercy from God. Let all your pillows be a reminder of God's presence, faithful love, and the amazing things God can do in our lives.

Question: Share a time someone has used a pillow to comfort you? Which of these Bible pillow stories resonates with you?

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