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Hope is On the Way!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

My book,How Cancer Cured Me, will be published and available this summer. We are planning an official release date of August 25, 2020. The final editting is nearing completion. The following is the synopsis to be printed on the back cover of the book and used on-line in places like Amazon. 

When doctors diagnosed David with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, all he wanted was physical healing. Nothing less and nothing more.  David soon discovered God had bigger plans.  By the time David received his cancer-free report two years later, God had healed much more than his body.  God had healed his whole life!

In How Cancer Cured Me, David, seasoned Pastor and Cancer Survivor, shares fifteen ways God used cancer to heal him. The topics range from becoming more courageous to growing in faith to finding his get-up-and-go. Readers will be inspired and encouraged as David shares the many ways his cancer experience impacted his most important relationships.

In addition to his own experiences of transformation, David shares stories of many cancer patients who have inspired him; reflections on Scripture promises, and helpful pastoral teaching. The book is well written and a pleasure to read. David’s honesty and humor are refreshing.  It is entertaining, insightful, surprising, and clearly inspired. Cancer patients will find David to be a helpful companion and this Book to be a valueable resource.  He shares everything that helped him not only survive but thrive.  His story provides hope and a life-giving vision of what the cancer journey can be.  He writes about the time between diagnosis and physical healing and focuse on what God can accomplish in that time of waiting.  HCCM isn’t just for those with cancer.  It’s also not just for those who believe in God.  This book is for anyone facing life-threatening adversity of any kind. It's for anyone broken and longing for healing.  All will be grateful for the way this book brings together David’s pastoral and theological experience and his cancer journey to help others.

Stay tuned for release information and dates. Check out my website for more information. Thank you for your support.  God bless you!


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